Online Access to Annual Meeting Materials

Raytheon Technologies shareowners of record, participants in the RTX Savings Plan and many beneficial shareowners may access the company’s Annual Report and Proxy Statement online and vote their shares over the Internet. Like many other companies, Raytheon Technologies encourages shareowners to take advantage of this method of receiving annual meeting materials and voting proxies. The process only takes a few minutes and will benefit shareowners by saving the cost of printing and mailing these materials.

Simply complete the enrollment form to receive annual meeting materials by online access rather than by mail. You will then be notified by email as soon as the Raytheon Technologies Annual Report, Proxy Statement and Proxy are available online, with instructions and electronic links to access the documents and vote your shares.

Your decision to sign up for online access can be changed at any time provided you notify us before each year’s annual meeting record date.

Shareowners of Record

For shares held directly in your name on the records of Computershare, you can enroll in online access and voting by clicking here.

Beneficial Shareowners

For shares held through a broker, bank or other nominee, beneficial owners may also be able to receive online access to annual meeting materials and to vote online by clicking here.